Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to deliver a range of public talks and seminars, and I have featured in, or written, various research-based news articles. A selection of these are listed below.

2020/Oct: Infosecurity Magazine interview about framework for effective corporate communication after cyber security incidents [link] 2020/Sep: Research featured in The Register article, "Wondering how to tell the world you've been hacked? Here's a handy guide from infosec academics" [link]
2020/Sep: Cyber Security career tips for school pupils (video) [YouTube link] 2020/Jul: The Conversation article, "Police surveillance of Black Lives Matter shows the danger technology poses to democracy" [link]
2020/June: Wall Street Journal article, "The Dangerous Secrets Our Working-From-Home Photos Reveal" [link] 2020/June: Cyber Science Conference keynote, "Exploring the Online Identity: Do the Opportunities outweigh the Security and Privacy Risks?" (video) [link]
2020/May: Newsweek Japan article, "The Dangers of Zoom, Slack and Houseparty Apps" [link] 2020/May: BBC Future expert comment, "How your smart home devices can be turned against you " [link]
2020/May: BBC Radio Kent interview to discuss cybersecurity threats, as criminals target hospitals and healthcare providers during the pandemic. [link] 2020/Apr: TODAY Online (Singapore) article, "Watch out for these online security and privacy risks as you work from home" [link]
2020/Mar: The Conversation article, "Working from home risks online security and privacy – how to stay protected" [link] 2020/Feb: British Computing Society presentation, "Tracking the Trackers: Your privacy vs Online ads!" [link]
2019/Oct: New Scientist Live presentation, "Online data and the pursuit of privacy" [link] 2019/Jul: 61st London International Youth Science Forum keynote [link]
2019/Jul: Cambridge Judge Business School Future of Cyber Risk presentation, "Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cyber Security for Organisations" [link] 2019/Jun: Wired Magazine expert comment, "A series of dumb security flaws left millions of EA Origin users exposed" [link]
2019/Jun: PeepSec Conference speaker (video) [link] 2019/May: Pint of Science Kent talk, "Online Security and Privacy" [link]
2019/Jan: The Conversation article, "Amazon, Facebook and Google don’t need to spy on your conversations to know what you’re talking about" [link] 2019/Jan: Wired Magazine expert comment, "Fortnite has another security flaw and Epic's response wasn't great" [link]
2019/Jan: Symantec Blogs feature interview, "Advice for CISOs: Want More Resources? Think Beyond Pure Tech" [link] 2019/Jan: BBC News World Service, The Why Factor, expert comment, "Fitness Apps and their security and privacy" [link]
2018/Oct: Featured Scientist in Children's Book, "Fantastic jobs and how to get them" [link] 2018/May: Pint of Science Oxford talk, "Cyber crime fighters" [link]
2018/Mar: Advisen Annual Cyber Risk Insights Conference keynote, "The Cybersecurity Challenge: Emerging risks in complex environments" [link] 2018/Feb: Parque Explora Science Museum invited talk in Colombia, "Risks to online privacy" [link]
2017/Jun: BBC Tech Tent: featured interview, "Fake news, algorithms and listening gadgets" [link] 2017/Jun: The Times expert comment, "Hackers could use Alexa or Siri to spy on you, cybersecurity expert warns" [link]
2016/Oct: Universit of Oxford, Day in the life of... videos "Day in the life of...Jason Nurse" (video) [link] 2016/Jun: Oxford Internet Institute talk, "Security and privacy risks to our presence in cyberspace" (video) [link]
2016/Oct: SCOR P&C Conference keynote, "Cyber risk on rise" [link] 2016/Oct: Research engagement video on online information and the harms it can cause, "Keeping Social Media Social" (video) [link]
2016/Jun: Hay Festival talk, "Social Media: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" [link] 2015/Dec: University of Oxford Christmas Science Lectures talk, "Social Media: The use of your online information for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!" (video) [link]
2015/Feb: EPSRC Recognising Inspirational Scientists and Engineers (RISE) Awards video [link] And more...