I am an Associate Professor in Cyber Security at the University of Kent, and a Visiting Academic at the University of Oxford.

My research explores the interdisciplinary nature of cyber security, privacy and trust. This especially considers the impact of new technologies on these areas. As a result of this broad remit, I have the pleasure of working across various domains including computing, psychology, and computational social science. I regularly contribute to mainstream media, and have written for, or featured in, the Wall Street Journal, The BBC (and BBC Radio 4 ), Newsweek, Wired, The Independent, Infosecurity Magazine, The Register, Symantec Blogs, Naked Security and The Conversation.

I am open for research collaboration opportunities, new PhD students, invited talks/presentations, and media commentary. Please contact me.

Recent news.

  • research project  Mar.2021 --- New research grant awarded: "Cyber Security Body Of Knowledge: Mapping Research (PhD) Theses to CyBOK 1.0". [link]
  • media  Mar.2021 --- Expert contributor to new article in ThreatPost, "Home-Office Photos: A Ripe Cyberattack Vector": [link]
  • media  Mar.2021 --- New article in Naked Security, "I see you: your home-working photos reveal more than you think!": [link]
  • award  Feb.2021  --- Best Poster Paper Award at the The Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS) 2021, for "A Framework for Effective Corporate Communication after Cyber Security Incidents". [poster][NDSS]
  • article  Feb.2021  --- New paper titled "Cybersecurity Awareness" published in Encyclopedia of Cryptography, Security and Privacy. [doi]
  • media  Feb.2021 --- Featured in the Insider discussing smart/IoT device surveillance during protests: [link]
  • media  Feb.2021 --- Featured in Naked Security "What should you say if you have a data breach? Catch up with Jason Nurse": [link]
  • role  Jan.2021 --- Appointed as Associate Fellow of The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) [link]
  • speaker  Jan.2021 --- Headline talk for SASIG PR Academy "Effective corporate communications and public relations in response to a data breach" [link]
  • article  Jan.2021  --- New Emerging Insights Policy paper titled "Cyber Security Incentives and the Role of Cyber Insurance" published in collaboration with the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies. [pdf][link]
  • speaker  Dec.2020 --- Speaker at IEEE UK & Ireland Cyber Security Chapter Webinar: "Corporate communications and PR after cyber security incidents". [link]
  • speaker  Dec.2020 --- Infosecurity Magazine Webinar Panel Member: "Putting People First: Overcoming Human Error in Email Security". [link]
  • media  Nov.2020 --- Interviewed on BBC Radio 4 regarding Cyber Attacks targeting the Sports industry, particularly the recent attack on Manchester United Football Club. [link]
  • speaker  Nov.2020 --- Discussing my research at the Sophos Evolve Cybersecurity Summit: "How to Protect Your Company Brand if a Breach Occurs". [link]
  • speaker  Nov.2020 --- Invited Panelist at Association of British Insurers(ABI)/Oxera cyber insurance event: "A Known, Unknown: Evolving Cyber Threats and the future of the UK Cyber Insurance Market". [link]
  • speaker  Nov.2020 --- My research is featured in SASIG Webinar: "Developing a playbook for corporate communications after a data breach". [link]
  • article  Nov.2020  --- New paper titled "Cyber Stalking, Cyber Harassment and Adult Mental Health: A Systematic Review" published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking Journal. [pdf][doi]
  • speaker  Nov.2020 --- Speaker at the CyberSecurity Live Conference on: "Cyber Security Incident Response". [link]
  • media  Oct.2020 --- My research is featured in Infosecurity Magazine: "Interview with Jason Nurse about the Corporate Comms Framework". [link]
  • media  Oct.2020 --- Featured professional/profile in Infosecurity Magazine. [link][mag]
  • media  Sep.2020 --- My research is featured in The Register: "Wondering how to tell the world you've been hacked? Here's a handy guide from infosec academics". [link]
  • article  Sep.2020  --- New paper "A framework for effective corporate communication after cyber security incidents" published in Computers & Security. [pdf][doi]
  • role  Sep.2020 --- Appointed as General Chair of ICWSM 2021 (acceptance rate ~22%). [link]
  • speaker  Sep.2020 --- Speaker at the UKIERI-DST Virtual Workshop on Adversarial Cybersecurity [site]
  • article  Sep.2020 --- New paper "Security should be there by default: Investigating how journalists perceive and respond to risks from the Internet of Things" published in the 5th European Workshop on Usable Security (EuroUSEC 2020) co-located with the 2020 IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (Euro S&P). [pdf]
  • article  Sep.2020 --- New paper "#ISIS vs #ActionCountersTerrorism: A Computational Analysis of Extremist and Counter-extremist Twitter Narratives" published in the 2nd Workshop on Attackers and Cyber-Crime Operations (WACCO), at the IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (Euro S&P). [pdf]
  • research project  Aug.2020 --- New research grant awarded: "TIPS in blended home-work environments post-COVID: A socio-technical perspective". [link]